Vintage wood



Floor  gummed material
Photo credit/ Małgorzata Sulewska-Czarnecka

The examples in the photos are made on the dimensions of 160 x 160 cm. If you choose a smaller or larger size, the proportions of the boards will change. Please make a careful purchase or contact us, because changing the width of the boards depending on the size is not subject to complaint.

Store rolled in the included tube, do not fold. Clean with a wet towel or sponge using soaped water. For stronger stains, please soak it in water with a soft detergent for a few hours and rinse. To get rid of dust it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or a clothes cleaning roller.

Important! This product cannot be packaged with other items (wall + floor backdrop). We can include a maximum of 2 floors into a single package.

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100×100 cm, 100×130 cm, 100×160 cm, 130×130 cm, 130×160 cm, 160×160 cm, 160×200 cm

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